LICENCE AND AGE anyone with 22 years or older with at least 2 years of driving license can rent a car.

RENTAL PERIOD At least 1 day. Hourly wages for a full day or half-day rental is taken.

Pay rent at the beginning of the total amount of the contract is paid in cash or by credit card. In the last case return time 3 hours and over will be charged a full day fee. Also added to the contract as a deposit or credit card number is taken empty slip.


The price of the vehicle applied to oil, maintenance, insurance and mandatory traffic automobile insurance is included.


Airports and Dalaman at no additional charge in the central delivery. Ask other delivery points and one way fees. 3 days minimum rental reception at the airport, drop charges in Dalaman you drop is applicated.


Car insurance vehicle insurance is included in the rental price.However, the insurance to be valid; the vehicle lease contract mentioned in persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs without car crash accident report from the abolition of authority obligate to held the official report. Rubber, glass and headlights (LCF) Mini Damage insurance is not included in the price, eliminating the tenant's responsibility to pay damages by paying an extra € 4.00 per day.


To be born without any kind of violation of traffic laws and fines are the responsibility of the tenant.

Time to go for any reason held by the public or local authorities of the vehicles within the contract period and is considered to be charged to the tenant.
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